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Birthdate:Jan 16

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28 days later, alienware, anime, anita blake, anti-racism, anxiety, audio books, avoidant personality disorder, battlestar galactica, bleach, blood ties book series, blood+, browncoats, buffy the vampire slayer, capricorn, carly pope, chiasm, cigarettes, conspiracy theories, cowboy bebop, crispin freeman, cyberpunk, darkfever, death note, depression, dollhouse, ebay, elijah wood, ergo proxy, farscape, fight club, fios, firefly, fruits basket, g1, gamer girl, garden state, ghost in the shell, giovanni ribisi, girls bravo, gmail, gunslinger girl, haibane renmei, hanasakeru seishōnen, hellgate: london, hellsing, hoarders, homebody, hotel dusk, house of night, i love your work, incense, internet, ipod touch, january 16, jeans, john krasinski, joss whedon, karen marie moning, keanu reeves, kevin pereira, kim harrison, kotor, la corda d’oro, lady gaga, lazy, liam o'brien, linkin park, living in a dreamworld, london, massive attack, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, michael pitt, mmo, moonlight, movies, mp3s, noein, office space, online shopping, ouran host club, paranormal, permanent account, pittsburgh, portishead, pretear, procrastination, public transit, queen of the damned, rachel morgan, rain, resident evil, robert pattinson, salute your shorts, sci-fi, serenity, serial experiments: lain, shaun of the dead, shy, silent hill, sleeping, social anxiety, southern vampire mysteries, star wars, t-mobile, tattoos, television, text messaging, the animatrix, the dog problem, the dreamers, the guild, the hollows, the matrix trilogy, the office, the secret world, the sims 3, the wallflower, the x-files, thievery corporation, thunderstorms, trip-hop, true blood, twitter, underworld, unmotivated, v for vendetta, vampire academy, vampire knight, vampire the masquerade: bloodlines, vampire: the masquerade, vampire: the requiem, vampires, video games, wicker park, witch hunter robin, wolf's rain, wondrous strange, world of darkness, writing, yuri lowenthal, zero 7, zombies
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